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Ben Lovejoy is a British technology writer who started his career on PC World and has written for dozens of computer and technology magazines, as well as numerous national newspapers, business and in-flight magazines. He has also written two technothriller novels , a romcom novel, and an SF novella series.

He is old enough to have owned the original Macintosh. He currently owns an M1 Max 16-inch MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air 11, 12.9-inch iPad Pro (LTE 256GB), iPhone 13 Pro Max (256GB), Dell Ultrawide 49-inch monitor, an Apple Watch (Series 4 WiFi) and multiple HomePods – he suspects it might be cheaper to have a cocaine habit than his addiction to all things anodised aluminum.

He thinks wires are evil and had a custom desk made to hide them, known as the OC Desk for obvious reasons.

He’s known for his op-ed and diary pieces, exploring his experience of Apple products over time, for a more rounded review:

He considers 1000 miles a good distance for a cycle ride and Chernobyl a suitable tourist destination. What can we say, he’s that kind of chap.

He speaks fluent English but only broken American, so please forgive any Anglicised spelling in his posts.

If @benlovejoy-ing him on twitter, please follow him first so that he can DM you if appropriate. If you have information you can pass on, you can also email him. If you would like to comment on one of his pieces, please do so in the comments – he does read them all.

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Use of the Chinese Olympics app, MY2022, is mandatory for everyone attending this year’s Olympic Games in Beijing, whether as an athlete or simply watching from the stadium.

The app collects sensitive personal data – like passport details, medical data, and travel history – and analysis by security researchers reveals that the code has two security holes that could expose this information …

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It’s being reported today that Israel police are using NSO’s Pegasus spyware on the country’s own citizens, including opponents of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. NSO had previously claimed that Pegasus would not be used within Israel.

The phone hacks are said to have been carried out without warrants and without any judicial oversight.

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For the second time in seven months, former iPhone workers are being offered large sign-on bonuses as Foxconn strives to keep pace with demand for the iPhone 13.

The company offered similar increases to recruitment bonuses in June of last year …

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A proposed new US antitrust law first proposed back in August of last year has progressed to committee stage – the next step toward becoming law. If it were passed, it would result in huge changes to the App Store.

It follows Apple being forced to allow app developers to choose third-party payment platforms in South Korea and the Netherlands – but the US bill would have a far greater impact …

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The holiday quarter usually sees the iPhone named the most popular smartphone lineup as its latest flagships drive sales, and that was again the case last year.

Global supply constraints made things tighter than usual, however …

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The British government is planning to include both on-screen and live emotive stunts in an anti-encryption ad campaign designed to sway public opinion against end-to-end encryption in messaging apps.

The anti-privacy ad blitz is reportedly due to begin this month…

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38 years later, Ridley Scott reveals his first reaction to Apple’s 1984 ad script

Almost 38 years after the most famous ad in the world aired, director Ridley Scott has revealed his first reaction to Apple’s 1984 ad script …

In an annual tradition, Apple has again devoted its homepage to celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a single-sentence quote. This year’s quote comes from a talk King gave to teenagers at Philadelphia’s Barratt Junior High School in 1967.

I believe that we can transform dark yesterdays of injustice into bright tomorrows of justice and humanity.

You can watch a video of the speech below …

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January 14

Ransomware operations by the MacBook Pro design hackers REvil have been shut down, according to a statement by Russian authorities today, with all remaining members arrested.

It follows an arrest and seizure of funds late last year, after the group unsuccessfully attempted to blackmail Apple

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A survey by a software engineer recruitment company has found that three-quarters of developers want permanent remote-working arrangements, for at least part of the week.

Two-thirds of them say they are more productive when working from home, and it appears that Apple’s policy somewhat misses the mark for most …

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Unlikely iPhone SE 3 renders show iPhone XR lookalike

A leaker with a mixed track record has posted some unlikely iPhone SE 3 renders, claimed to be based on leaked CAD drawings …

January 13

Health experts have been discussing the pros & cons of Apple Watch, Fitbit, and similar devices. While the consensus is that they do more good than harm, they caution that the increasing amount of health data presented to consumers can cause confusion and even anxiety.

In extreme cases, this can lead to people compulsively taking multiple ECG readings per day …

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Apple chipmaker TSMC has reported record profits for the holiday quarter, comfortably beating analyst expectations. The company has also reported year-on-year revenue growth of 24.1%, a quarter of it generated by Apple.

TSMC, which makes Apple’s A-series and M-series chips, says that it has big expectations and big plans for the next few years …

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Update: The app is a secondary one popularly used for electronic check-ins at venues, distinct from the government app which uses the Apple/Google API.

German police have misused a COVID-19 contact tracing app data by apparently faking an infection at a restaurant in order to obtain details of potential witnesses.

The joint Apple/Google API used by the government app can’t be abused in this way, as it doesn’t track locations, but a separate app for QR code check-ins was misused …

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Apple Store bag check settlement details now available on company’s website

A judge last month gave provisional approval to a proposed Apple Store bag check settlement, in which the Cupertino company has agreed to pay a four-figure sum to compensate employees in California for unpaid time waiting for off-the-clock searches.

Details of the settlement are now available on Apple’s website …

Another suspected NSO phone hack has come to light, this of journalists and activists in El Salvador. Most of the journalists were working for an online news service that has been reporting extensively on alleged government corruption.

Two journalists contacted Citizen Lab after suspecting that their phones had been compromised, and an investigation confirmed their suspicions, and found that they weren’t the only ones …

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January 12

A new report shows that 2021 Mac shipments grew almost twice as fast as the PC market as a whole. Annual growth for Mac was 28.3%, against 14.6% for the global PC market.

The impressive result was of course strongly driven by sales of the M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pro models, which went on sale in October …

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A new supply chain report says that some Korean suppliers have created Apple Car task forces following visits by the Cupertino company to discuss manufacturing plans.

Much of the focus appears to be on batteries for the car, with Apple reported to be working on custom-designed ones rather than using any existing power packs…

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The 5G aviation dispute between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on one side and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) plus carriers on the other appears to have been resolved…

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Wyze Cam Plus Lite subscription lets you pay what you like (including $0)

If you have Wyze budget security cameras, the company has introduced a new, even more budget subscription tier called Wyze Cam Plus Lite. Sitting below the $1.99/month Wyze Cam Plus level, the company says you can choose how much to pay for it – including $0 …

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