App Store Stories January 26

iOS developers can now promote custom product pages in App Store search results

Apple on Wednesday announced that iOS developers can now promote their apps on the App Store with custom product pages via the Apple Search Ads platform. With the new feature, developers will be able to create multiple versions of an ad to be displayed in App Store search results.

Fanhouse is a platform for creators that competes with OnlyFans as it lets users post photos and videos (SFW only) that can only be viewed by those who pay a monthly subscription. After criticizing App Store fees last year, Fanhouse is now raising subscription prices by 50% for iOS users as a way to cover Apple’s commission.

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App Store Stories January 25

Fifteen years ago, Apple announced the original iPhone. The concept of apps wasn’t clear at the time, and many people thought they were better off jailbreaking their new smartphones to unlock their potential. When the App Store launched, a developer created iBeer, a way to drink alcohol from your iPhone without getting the hangover. Here’s the story about the success and forgetfulness of the app.

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App Store Stories January 24

In response to new regulatory pressures, Apple announced earlier this month that it would allow developers of dating applications in the Netherlands to use alternative payment systems. The Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets has now published its own press release, saying that Apple’s announcement “fails to satisfy” the requirement set forth by the competition commission.

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App Store Stories January 20

Apple now lets developers create custom offer codes for subscriptions

Apple in 2020 introduced new ways to help developers boost in-app subscriptions, which include special discount codes. Now the company is finally letting developers create custom offer codes for in-app subscriptions.

App Store Stories January 19

After Arizona unsuccessfully tried to force Apple and Google to allow alternative payment methods in third-party apps distributed through the App Store and Google Play, Illinois is now following suit. Illinois senators have filed a bill to make both companies allow developers to use whatever payment methods they want.

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App Store Stories January 18

A proposed new US antitrust law first proposed back in August of last year has progressed to committee stage – the next step toward becoming law. If it were passed, it would result in huge changes to the App Store.

It follows Apple being forced to allow app developers to choose third-party payment platforms in South Korea and the Netherlands – but the US bill would have a far greater impact …

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App Store Stories January 13

In the US, PUBG’s developer sued the maker of another popular battle royale game, Free Fire. Not only that but Krafton has also named Apple and Google in the lawsuit, alleging that Apple and Google have refused to stop selling rip-off versions of its games.

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App Store Stories January 12

Apple to change App Store prices in Ukraine, Austria, and more regions

Apple on Wednesday announced price changes to the App Store in a few regions. While apps will become more expensive in Ukraine and other countries, there are also countries, like Oman, where developers’ proceeds will change due to adjusted taxes.

App Store Stories January 11

Over the past year, developer Kosta Elftheriou has exposed several apps on the App Store that only exist purely to scam users. While Apple claims the App Store has “the apps you love” in a place “you can trust,” the developer has shown time and time again that this is not true.

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Apple has finally announced that it will comply with a law in South Korea, requiring it to allow third-party App Store payments, some four months after the antitrust law was passed. The law also applies to Google, which is already in compliance.

As expected, the Cupertino company says that it will still take a cut of all App Store sales, though this will be at a reduced rate …

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App Store Stories January 10

For Apple, revenue from Services like the App Store and iCloud are as important for the business as selling iPhones and Macs. Today, Apple is providing a status update on services milestones for Apple Pay, TV+, Fitness+, and more.

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App Store Stories December 30, 2021

The Tumblr iOS app now blocks more than 400 search terms in order to reduce the risk of Apple banning it from the App Store. It follows a former Tumblr developer expressing frustration at the app review process.

Some of the terms are clearly designed to block access to porn – such as ones for sexual body parts – but others seem bizarre …

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App Store Stories December 29, 2021

How to turn off in-app review requests on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Feeling bombarded with apps asking you to rate them? Read along for how to turn off in-app review requests on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

App Store Stories December 28, 2021

A former IOS software engineer at Tumblr has described Apple’s App Store review process as perplexing, random, discordant, and asinine. He claims that his view is shared by the “vast, vast majority” of iOS developers.

He focuses on the Tumbler experience, describing the random rejections the company would get for app updates, but says the problem is a much bigger one …

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App Store Stories December 27, 2021

Bitcoin isn’t a new phenomenon (it was actually released in its most primitive form way back in 2009), but it might be new to you! Thankfully, while the Bitcoin waters may be confusing and difficult to wade through, there are lots of great Bitcoin apps for your iPhone to help you get started.

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App Store Stories December 24, 2021

Apple has been under pressure to let developers redirect users to third-party payment systems instead of their own, but so far the company has been appealing this decision. Now the Dutch regulator is requiring Apple to allow dating apps to use alternative payment methods in the Netherlands.

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App Store Stories December 21, 2021

Apple’s App Store can be a sea of opportunities for many people all over the world. According to a study released in June, the store facilitated $643 billion in billings and sales during 2020, a 24 percent year-over-year increase.

Although there have been a lot of controversies on the App Store recently, there is still good news about it. A Sensor Tower projection reveals that the number of publishers seeing their first $1 million or more in annual net income this year has nearly doubled since 2016.

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App Store Stories December 9, 2021

Microsoft last year had to discard its project to bring the xCloud game streaming platform to iOS as a native app due to App Store guidelines. Now private emails from Microsoft have revealed that the company tried to negotiate with Apple to bring Xbox-exclusive games to the iPhone and iPad.

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App Store Stories December 8, 2021

Apple last month suspended its sales in Turkey due to the economic crisis that led the local currency to crash with high inflation. Although the company has now resumed sales in the country, prices for Apple products have been raised there – and now the same will happen to App Store prices.

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App Store Stories December 7, 2021

The mobile app market is growing more and more each year, and the numbers make this clear. New Sensor Tower research published on Tuesday revealed that users spent $133 billion on apps in 2021, which is 20% more than in 2020. Interestingly, Apple’s App Store continues to generate more revenue than Google Play.

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App Store Stories December 6, 2021

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has been investigating antitrust concerns surrounding Apple since 2019. Most recently, it was reported that the DOJ had “accelerated” its investigation amid a growing number of complaints.

Now, the Information reports that one of the focuses of the DOJ antitrust probe into Apple is on the company’s treatment of Roblox.

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App Store Stories December 5, 2021

Apple is in a global fight to protect its App Store business model, and the latest development lands us in Russia. Apple is taking legal action after objecting to a ruling by the country’s Federal Antimonopoly Service that would allow developers to promote alternative payment methods to Apple’s in-app purchases.

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App Store Stories December 2, 2021

A class action lawsuit alleging that Apple has an App Store monopoly has been rejected by a federal court judge, in a 34-page ruling.

Part of the ruling essentially said that the plaintiffs did a poor job in stating their case, but another element potentially puts Apple in a strong position when it comes to defending other antitrust cases against the App Store …

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