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March 2019 - December 2021

At a services focused event in March of 2019, unveiled  a new game subscription service it is called “Apple Arcade”. The service will allow iOS, Mac, and Apple TV users to pay a flat monthly fee and access a bundle of otherwise paid apps through the App Store.

Apple is said to be working with a handful of publishers and developers for the service. The company touted that the service will unify gaming between mobile (iOS), desktop (macOS), and the living room (tvOS).

We keep a list of the latest games that you’ll want to bookmark to see what’s new.

Apple Arcade Features

With a single subscription, the service will give you access to over 100 new and exclusive games. Arcade will be a new area on the App Store, with a new tab along the bottom. The service syncs between all of your devices, and offline playing. There are no ads or in-app purchases with the service. The service will allow access to all members in a Family Sharing account.

Apple Arcade Pricing

Apple Arcade is priced at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. This pricing is for the entire family (with Family Sharing)

Apple Arcade Stories December 17, 2021

Latest Apple Arcade games for iPhone, Mac, Apple TV [New: Disney Melee Mania]

Apple Arcade launched with close to 100 titles and the service is seeing new games added regularly with over 200 games now in the library. Follow along with our guide on the latest from Apple’s gaming service.

New for 12/17: A big title has arrived on Apple Arcade, Disney Melee Mania.

Apple Arcade Stories November 25, 2021

As someone that grew up playing video games, working at a game store (EBGames RIP), and generally can talk the good, the bad, and the ugly of every generation – this is a golden age for video games. Between Stadia, the Xbox Game Pass, the incredible in-game experiences on the Playstation 5, and the mobility of solutions of Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch – there are so many incredible games that could consume all of your time. If you’re a subscriber of Apple Arcade either directly or through Apple One, there are a number of really great titles to play. The perfect addition to Apple Arcade is the Rotor Riot MFI certified iPhone controller.

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Apple Arcade Stories November 24, 2021

With the holiday season here, one thing people can do while spending time with their loved ones is play some good Apple Arcade games. With over 200 apps available, here are some you should try.

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Apple Arcade Stories November 15, 2021

Apple has been putting more energy into building up its gaming service this year and today the company has revealed its next major launch. Disney Melee Mania is coming soon to Apple Arcade as an exclusive title.

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Apple Arcade Stories October 17, 2021

In his latest edition of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says Apple has considered launching a “cloud gaming service” of some sort alongside Apple Arcade, but has dropped these plans as of right now.

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Apple Arcade Stories September 29, 2021

Apple Design Award-winner rhythm game ‘Thumper’ arriving on Apple Arcade on Oct 1

The popular high-intensity rhythm game and Apple Design Award-winner, Thumper: Pocket Edition is landing on Apple Arcade this Friday, October 1.

Apple Arcade Stories September 15, 2021

If you’ve been an iOS user for a long time, you probably know Tiny Wings — a classic and popular game in which you control a bird whose wings are too small to fly. The game is still available in the App Store, but Apple Arcade subscribers will soon be able to get it at no extra cost.

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Apple Arcade Stories August 31, 2021

iOS classic Crossy Road landing soon on Apple Arcade

The list of hit iOS classic games continues to expand on Apple Arcade with the Frogger-inspired Crossy Road being the latest lined up to come to the service.

Apple Arcade Stories August 30, 2021

LEGO Star Wars Battles ‘coming soon’ to Apple Arcade

Apple announced today a new addition coming to its Apple Arcade gaming subscription platform. LEGO Star Wars Battles will launch soon on the platform, representing the first time LEGO has launched a game within the Apple Arcade service.

Apple Arcade Stories August 24, 2021

While Apple Arcade was launched primarily as a platform for new and exclusive games, Apple earlier this year decided to bring classic titles to its subscription gaming service. Later this week, the popular racing game “Asphalt 8: Airborne” will arrive on Apple Arcade, this time without any in-app purchases.

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Apple Arcade Stories August 16, 2021

Fans of the classic Castlevania game will be glad to know that a new title in the franchise is coming soon to Apple Arcade. While there’s already a version of the adventure RPG game available on the App Store that was ported from PlayStation 1, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls was originally created for mobile devices.

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Apple Arcade Stories August 9, 2021

In March, the game community got excited about Final Fantasy’s creator last game ‘Fantasian,’ an exclusive story coming to Apple Arcade. It launched in April, and now, Hironobu Sakaguchi announced that part two is ready to be released.

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Apple Arcade Stories August 6, 2021

Apple Arcade is about to complete its second year next month, as the service was announced by Apple in March 2019 and then launched to the public in September of the same year. Weeks before its two-year anniversary, Apple Arcade has now achieved the mark of 200 games available in its catalog, which includes original and classic titles.

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Apple Arcade Stories July 20, 2021

Tetris Beat coming soon as an Apple Arcade exclusive with rhythmic versus play and more

The iconic Tetris franchise is set to gain a new title soon exclusively on Apple Arcade. Tetris Beat will bring three game modes for lots of fun set to almost 20 exclusive songs including a split-screen versus experience.

Apple Arcade’s Skate City adding Tokyo expansion to celebrate the Olympics

The Olympics are set to kick off this Friday, July 23 in Tokyo, and very notably, this year is the first time that skateboarding will be included in the games. To celebrate the occasion, Snowman’s popular Skate City will launch its biggest update yet.

Apple Arcade Stories July 16, 2021

Today’s the day! The exciting new release from Team Alto has launched on Apple Arcade. Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City brings all the award-winning goodness from the original release and has evolved with a new biome to explore along with fresh challenges and content.

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Apple Arcade Stories July 9, 2021

Last month Apple Arcade revealed some big new titles would be arriving on the platform with one of the exciting releases being a new special edition of the award-winning Alto’s Odyssey. Now Team Alto has shared a teaser of the new game Alto’s Odyssey: The Lost City and a release date of July 16.

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Apple Arcade Stories July 6, 2021

iOS hit Super Stickman Golf 3 arriving soon on Apple Arcade alongside Super Leap Day

Apple Arcade has some more popular titles slated to arrive soon with the latest being Super Stickman Golf 3+ and Super Leap Day.

Apple Arcade Stories June 22, 2021

Following last week’s announcement of more classic mobile games coming to Apple Arcade, Apple today revealed that there’s another well-known title that will be available on its gaming platform. Jetpack Joyride, from the developers of Fruit Ninja, will also have a “Plus” version released on Apple Arcade.

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Apple Arcade Stories June 18, 2021

Target has released its newest perks for its Circle loyalty program and this time around, it’s partnered with Apple to offer 4-6 months free for some of its most popular services. That includes Music, Arcade, TV+, and even upgraded iCloud storage for new and existing Target Circle members.

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Apple Arcade Stories June 16, 2021

Apple Arcade announced yesterday that it’s going to add three iOS classic games soon: Angry Birds, Alto’s Odyssey, and Doodle God. With this new approach on the platform, are you playing more Arcade games? If so, on which platforms?

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Apple Arcade Stories June 15, 2021

After a couple of months without much launching on Apple Arcade since the massive April update, some exciting releases are slated to arrive soon. Snowman has a special new version of Alto’s Odyssey, Angry Birds is launching Reloaded, and a remastered Doodle God Universe is coming to the gaming platform.

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Apple Arcade Stories May 25, 2021

Netflix is said to be considering competing with Apple Arcade and Google Stadia by launching its own subscription-based streaming game service. The company has reportedly begun the hunt for a senior gaming exec to lead the move.

Netflix dipped a toe into the mobile gaming world way back in 2017, and has also created a number of interactive shows …

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Apple Arcade Stories May 24, 2021

Free year of Apple Arcade lands as latest Verizon unlimited plan perk

Verizon has included Apple Music at no cost with its unlimited plans for some time and today the carrier is adding Apple’s gaming service as the latest free perk. Depending on the plan, Apple Arcade will be free for 6-12 months.

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