Foxconn Stories January 18

For the second time in seven months, former iPhone workers are being offered large sign-on bonuses as Foxconn strives to keep pace with demand for the iPhone 13.

The company offered similar increases to recruitment bonuses in June of last year …

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Foxconn Stories January 12

Update: As reported by Reuters, Foxconn India’s iPhone plant restarted production this Wednesday after three weeks closed. The publication notes that the factory reopened with one shift and 120 workers. Foxconn will take over two months for the plant to produce at full capacity again.

Late last year, 9to5Mac reported that Apple had ordered Foxconn in India to suspend iPhone production at a plant while placing the company on probation until it resolved problems with living conditions in Foxconn’s dormitories. Now, it appears the iPhone plant will reopen.

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Foxconn Stories December 30, 2021

We’re today learning more about what prompted the Foxconn iPhone plant shutdown in southern India – and it makes for truly gruesome reading.

We learned yesterday that Apple ordered Foxconn to suspend production at the plant, and placed the company on probation, until it resolved problems with living conditions in the company dormitories. It’s only today, however, that we’re getting the full picture of just how appalling those conditions were …

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Foxconn Stories December 29, 2021

iPhone production in India has again been disrupted as a result of worker complaints. Assembly was suspended at a Wistron plant last year following a riot over underpaid wages, and production has now been halted at a Foxconn plant after Apple upheld complaints about worker accommodation.

It is common in both India and China for seasonal iPhone workers to be recruited from considerable distances, and to live in company-supplied dormitories for the duration of their contract …

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Foxconn Stories December 21, 2021

According to a report from Reuters, a Foxconn factory that makes iPhones near Chennai in southern India will remain shut down this week. This comes after more than 150 employees at the factory were hospitalized for food poisoning over the weekend, leading to protests.

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Foxconn Stories November 12, 2021

Strong iPhone 13 demand helped Foxconn beat analyst expectations for Q3, and the company sees signs of improvement in chip supplies.

The company, whose biggest customer is Apple, announced a net income of NT$37B ($1.33B), against analyst predictions of NT$32.4B ($1.16B) …

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Foxconn Stories October 1, 2021

iPhone assembler Foxconn has bought an EV factory in Ohio in a $230M deal. The purchase was made from electric vehicle startup Lordstown Motors.

While a key Apple supplier buying an EV plant in the US will inevitably create speculation about potential Apple Car production, this appears unlikely …

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Foxconn Stories August 12, 2021

Foxconn’s Q3 forecast hints at potential iPhone 13 component shortages, following an earlier warning by Apple that supply constraints with Macs and iPads would extend to iPhone production this quarter.

The company is also reported to be using a new iPhone camera assembly process to reduce costs …

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Foxconn Stories August 6, 2021

We learned in June that Apple suppliers in China were having to increase bonuses to help them recruit enough iPhone 13 workers, and a new report today says that they are still struggling to do so.

Both Foxconn and Pegatron were already offering bonuses worth well over a month’s average salary, but even this has not proved sufficient…

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Foxconn Stories August 4, 2021

Apple has given Chinese electronics maker Luxshare Precision Industry a big promotion, tapping the company for iPhone 13 production alongside Foxconn and Pegatron. A plan for this was first suggested more than a year ago, and is seemingly now confirmed.

The company currently makes several iPhone components, but this move by Apple is a highly unusual one, letting a new assembler make the latest flagship models …

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Foxconn Stories July 12, 2021

Update: The vaccine purchase has now been made.

Apple suppliers TSMC and Foxconn are working on buying millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines for Taiwan. The plan is for the two companies to buy the vaccines, then donate them to the government for distribution to the people of the island nation.

The indirect arrangement, where the government authorizes private companies to buy vaccines on behalf of the country, is designed to thwart Chinese interference …

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Foxconn Stories July 5, 2021

Foxconn Q2 earnings up 20% on demand for Apple products and more

Foxconn Q2 earnings were up 20% year-on-year thanks to demand for Apple products and other electronics made by the company. Around half of the company’s revenue comes from Apple …

Foxconn Stories July 2, 2021

Two Apple suppliers in India have been selected to receive manufacturing incentives, which are likely to be used for iPad production in the country. The scheme is known as a production-linked incentive (PLI) plan.

Foxconn and Wistron were among the companies to qualify for cash-back deals in return for boosting their manufacturing operations in the country …

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Foxconn Stories June 22, 2021

Both Foxconn and Pegatron are offering substantial bonuses to help recruit workers for iPhone 13 production, according to a Taiwanese report.

Both companies are offering recruitment bonuses worth well over a month’s average salary, with additional bonuses offered to employees who introduce friends who then accept jobs there …

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Foxconn Stories May 14, 2021

Key iPhone assembler Foxconn has echoed Apple’s chip shortage warning that production will be hit this quarter, saying that the lead time for some chips is now anything up to a year.

Apple said during its last earnings call that although the impact on iPhone production would be limited, it did expect shortages of iPads and Macs

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Foxconn Stories May 11, 2021

A COVID-hit Foxconn plant in India has resulted in iPhone production being halved at the facility, as the country struggles to cope with a severe spread of the infection. The country is now the worst-hit in the world in terms of fatalities, having overtaken Brazil last month on a rolling average basis.

More than 100 Foxconn employees at the plant have tested positive, and no staff are allowed to enter the facility until late May …

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Foxconn Stories March 30, 2021

Foxconn earnings and expectations for the rest of the year suggest that iPhone 12 demand is set to remain high through the first half of the year.

Chairman Young Liu said that sales of “all product lines” likely grew in the first quarter of the year, and that Foxconn is “cautiously optimistic” on the outlook for the rest of the year …

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Foxconn Stories January 5, 2021

A report last month suggested that Apple was taken by surprise by better-than-expected iPhone 12 demand, boosting 2021 production plans by between 20% and 30% – and supporting evidence continues to accumulate.

Counterpoint found that the iPhone 12 was the world’s best-selling 5G phone, Qualcomm’s dramatic boost in Q3 2020 revenue was largely credited to the new iPhone lineup, and other supply-chain sources pointed to reality matching the supercycle hype. Today, record revenues for primary iPhone supplier Foxconn adds to the weight of evidence …

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Foxconn Stories November 16, 2020

A Chinese report claims that Apple has had Foxconn and other suppliers make samples of folding iPhones, and that the devices could be launched as early as 2022.

Both Foxconn and Nippon Nippon have been asked to send samples so that Apple can see how they stand up to more than 100,000 fold operations …

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Foxconn Stories November 12, 2020

Key iPhone assembler Foxconn has said that iPhone 12 demand is strong, and sees that continuing through the holiday quarter.

The company made the statement at an investor conference today, where it was also asked about the promised Wisconsin plant which has so far failed to manufacture anything …

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Foxconn Stories October 8, 2020

Apple suppliers are among the Taiwanese tech companies being pressured by the White House to move their manufacturing operations away from China, says a new report today.

Washington is said to have “weaponized tech supply chains” against China…

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Foxconn Stories October 7, 2020

Indian manufacturing incentives proposed earlier in the year have now been confirmed. In return for manufacturing premium smartphones in India, manufacturers will qualify for incentives worth between 4% and 6% of the cost of each device.

Although open to any brand, the scheme has a requirement which is expected to primarily benefit Apple and Samsung …

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Foxconn Stories September 29, 2020

iPhone 12 production at Foxconn plants is now running at maximum capacity, with production lines operating 24 hours a day.

The company has reportedly introduced mandatory overtime for workers, and employees have been asked to forgo the eight-day national holiday beginning on October 1 …

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Foxconn Stories August 12, 2020

Foxconn smartphone revenue dropped by 15% in the second quarter of the year, according to the company’s latest earnings report. Although Foxconn has a number of phone clients, the majority of its smartphone revenue comes from Apple.

The company had previously warned that the impact of the coronavirus crisis on smartphone demand would be ‘enormous‘ …

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