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Reviews Stories January 12

There are plenty of MagSafe-compatible battery packs for iPhone available that offer power but most don’t go beyond that. Mophie’s Snap+ Powerstation Stand, however, is multifunctional with handy features like a tripod socket and built-in kickstand, paired with a larger than average battery. Read on for our full review.

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Reviews Stories November 29, 2021

The Tula Mic is a portable USB microphone with dual capsules and a built-in standalone recorder. It features a collapsable stand, noise cancellation, and 8GB of storage for up to 12 hours of continuous recording. Most importantly, it sounds good. Watch our Tula Mic review as I discuss why it’s a good portable microphone option that’s ideal for mobile recording workflows with iPad or Mac.

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Philips Hue bulbs are one of the easiest ways to give your existing light fixtures smart home capabilities, including through Apple’s HomeKit platform. The problem with Philips Hue switches is that whenever a wall light switch is flipped off, the smart lights become unresponsive. The Lutron Aurora dimmer is a simple yet ingenious way to solve this problem.

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Reviews Stories November 26, 2021

Mujjo has been making high-quality iPhone cases for ten years and they’ve been a perennial favorite for many of us at 9to5Mac. But with MagSafe on modern iPhones, does it make sense to pick up a wallet case without magnets? Read on for a closer look at the Mujjo iPhone 13 Leather Wallet Case and why it still offers a compelling experience.

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Popular HomeKit smart light maker Nanoleaf is out today with an all-new product. The Lines HomeKit-enabled modular lights are a totally new form factor from Nanoleaf and feature a slick aesthetic for your home, office, or any space you can think of. We got a chance to test out Lines ahead of today’s pre-order launch, read on for all the details.

Update 11/26: The Nanoleaf Lines are now shipping.

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Reviews Stories November 25, 2021

Just when you think robot cleaners can’t get any more convenient, the next generation comes along. The Neabot NoMo Q11 is one of a handful of robot vacuum cleaners and mops which don’t just do the cleaning for you, but also empty their own on-board bins.

I noted in a recent Smart Home Diary piece that the technology never stands still …

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Reviews Stories November 17, 2021

The Waterfield Latigo leather iPhone holster is a mostly improved version of the American company’s previous Ranger model, which I tested earlier in the year. Designed for each of the iPhone 13 models, it’s also compatible with the iPhone 12 lineup.

It’s not something I personally need at this time of the year, but I will value it in warmer weather, so I put it to the test …

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Reviews Stories November 15, 2021

Review: DockCase’s new high-speed USB-C smart hub for MacBook, now on Kickstarter

DockCase, best known for its combination MacBook hubs and cases, recently launched its latest USB-C smart hub on Kickstarter. The project has already surpassed its goal more than six times over, but you have until November 26 to support the project and get the smart hub for its early-bird price.

Reviews Stories November 12, 2021

This fall Nomad has launched a variety of premium iPhone accessories including the updated Base Station Mini with MagSafe compatibility. We’ve been testing out the leather and aluminum magnetic wireless charger along with some of Nomad’s new iPhone 13 cases, check out all the details below.

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The action cam market is a pretty competitive one, with GoPro the undisputed leader – but the Insta360 Go 2 brings an interesting new take to the market. Apple is clearly a fan of the company, as the Go 2 is the sixth Insta360 camera to be sold in the company’s online store.

There are GoPro clones out there at all price points, and it doesn’t make much sense to be yet another one. So Insta360 has opted instead for a rather different camera, with very different strengths and weaknesses …

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Reviews Stories November 5, 2021

Tested: Lululook Urban magnetic iPad stand for 11- or 12.9-inch iPad Pro

One of the things I like about Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad is that it also serves as a magnetic iPad stand ideal for cooking. It keeps the screen upright and safely off the worktop surface, which are the two requirements when using your iPad as a cookbook. The only drawback is that the orientation is landscape, when portrait mode allows you to see more of the recipe at once.

That’s something the Lululook Urban magnetic iPad stand solves. Clearly modeled on the iMac stand, it can be used in both landscape and portrait modes.

Reviews Stories November 2, 2021

When the “Unleashed” Apple event wrapped up a few weeks ago, the first thing I did was run over to the Apple store to see if any new unannounced accessories had been added. Sure enough, a handful of new ones were. But only one of them stood out: the polishing cloth. It’s taken the world by storm, so much so in fact that it’s backordered up to nearly 12 weeks. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on one and I’ve been using it rigorously over the past week.

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Reviews Stories October 29, 2021

Motif canvas prints are the latest product to be offered by the company who provided Apple-branded print products from 2005 to 2018.

It was never clear why Apple decided to exit the business, but the good news is that you can continue to buy the same products in the same way, just under a different branding.

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Reviews Stories October 24, 2021

I’ve been using Apple’s “pro” iPads since the first one was introduced. It was an obvious play for someone like me who used the iPad in a professional context before it was cool to do so. Apple’s also given the iPad Pro cool new features exclusively over the past six years, leaving the regular iPad in the dust. But recently, Apple has started to show a willingness to share its best new features with the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad mini. Over the past several days I’ve been rocking Apple’s new 9th generation iPad and I’m stunned to say, it’s fantastic and it’s the first one that has everything I need.

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Reviews Stories October 6, 2021

Every year we look forward to the new flagship iPhone. We expect it to bring something new to the table that revolutionizes the smartphone industry. But like it or not, iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max are here to do something different. This year’s updates are far from revolutionary, and many users believe that the iPhone 13 Pro is what the 12 Pro should have been. But with everything Apple’s brought to the table this year, I think these are easily the best overall flagship smartphones you can buy right now.

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Reviews Stories October 1, 2021

Review: Apple’s updated MagSafe wallet is visually identical but hides wonderful new features

I loved the original MagSafe wallet that Apple introduced last year alongside the iPhone 12, but it was missing something obvious: Find My compatibility. Something like a wallet, especially one that sticks to the back of a phone you slide in and out of a pocket, needs some sort of fail-safe in case it gets lost. Previously, there was nothing you could do, but the new MagSafe Wallet introduced alongside the iPhone 13 addresses these concerns and helps justify its high price.

Reviews Stories September 29, 2021

Storage devices are getting smaller and higher-capacity each year, and nothing demonstrates that more than Kingston’s DataTraveler Max line of USB-C flash drives. The drives are available in 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB capacities, with impressively fast speeds to match, rated at 1,000MB/s read speeds and 900MB/s write speeds. These drives certainly have what it takes on paper, but what about in the real world?

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Reviews Stories September 20, 2021

The final versions of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 are here. After three months of previewing Apple’s upcoming operating systems for the iPhone and iPad, here’s whether you should update or not.

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The final version of watchOS 8 is here. After three months of beta testing, here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s newest update for Apple Watch.

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A few years ago I purchased two new Hondas. My Civic came with Apple CarPlay, but the HR-V had a basic entertainment system so I upgraded its system with an Alpine unit with Wireless CarPlay. I really wanted Wireless CarPlay, but replacing my entertainment system was too disruptive.

Now there’s a solution for turning standard CarPlay into Wireless CarPlay, at least for some models, and it actually works!

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Reviews Stories September 9, 2021

We’ve seen a lot of MagSafe stands arrive over the course of the last year and OtterBox has thrown its hat in the ring with the Folding Stand for MagSafe. While there’s only so much room to innovate with an iPhone stand, OtterBox brings great flexibility which means you can adjust to the exact angle you want in a portable package for iPhone 12 and beyond.

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Reviews Stories August 26, 2021

Last month Satechi launched a new GaN lineup of compact and powerful USB-C chargers for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more. We’ve been able to test out all the models including the most powerful that features 108W output with 3 ports – enough to juice up a MacBook Pro while simultaneously fast charging iPhone and iPad. Read on for a closer look at why these are the perfect chargers for Apple users.

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Reviews Stories August 15, 2021

I’ve made it clear in previous posts that I love MagSafe. After not initially thinking I would care much for it, I now use it exclusively to charge my iPhone 12 Mini. Since discovering that Apple’s MagSafe charger can also charge my AirPods Pro (thanks ATP!), I rarely use Lightning. Of course, charging in the car is a big part of an iPhone user’s life, so getting a compatible MagSafe in the car is a must-have. Since the iPhone 12 line was released, I’ve been the ESR HaloLock in the car, but I recently switched over to the Anker PowerWave, and it’s the best option to charge via MagSafe in the Car.

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Reviews Stories August 12, 2021

The Zens 4-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger was announced last month as a complete charging solution for iPhone 12, Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPad.

At $150, it’s not a cheap option, so raises the question: Is it worth it … ?

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